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Our foals


The first 48 hours

When the foals are born, we strictly see to it that the foals get enough colostrum in the first 48 hours. This helps the foals to immediately build up their resistance, which benefits the animal for the rest of its further life. Within a day after the delivery, the mother, the foal and the placenta are checked by a veterinarian, to leave nothing to chance. A little bit of blood is also taken from the foal to determine the amount of imunogrobiline. We do this to check whether the foal has had enough colostrum. Also, the foal gets vaccinated to prevent the first foal disease.


Further development

The foals grow up in a herd, so that they learn to socialize with the other foals in a playful manner. The foals are brushed every day, learn to raise their feet, wear a halter and are hugged, to ensure that when they get separated from their mother at 100 days old, they’re social with humans and animals, are easy to manage and have no fear. At this young age the foundation for the foal’s further life is formed.

IMG_0845Medical checkups

Feeding, deworming, the position of the feet and the behavior are seriously monitored, to make sure no element of a developing foal is neglected. A horse that is neglected for too long at an early age, and that gets ill because of that, will always be weaker than a horse that was raised healthy and with enough resistance.