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Evita de la Vigne

Ons elitepaard Evita is één van de grootste talenten die onze stal heeft voortgebracht.

Our successful elite mare Evita de la Vigne is one of the beautiful breeding products to be proud of!

Evita is an elegant brown elite mare, 1.70m, born in 2009. Evita has a very pleasant personality, both under saddle and stabled.

Her father is the beautiful stallion Future (Florestan 1 x Apart), her mother the preferent mare Viola Utopia (Negro x Vincent). Her grandmother is the selected mare Diola Utopia (Vincent), who achieved an AA for her IBOP 97 and who as a three-year-old had the best trot of the Netherlands at the UTV!

Evita has gotten her provisional selection in Veghel, earning her the elite predicate. She has a PROK certificate and is 100% approved. We expect a great future for her in sports or breeding!

Evita gave birth to Ici in 2013, a truly special mare from the stallion Jazz. Ici is beautiful in every way!

Evita participated with great results in the finals of the subli-cup 2014 with five-year-old dressage horses. Even though she had been under the saddle for 8 months after giving birth to Ici.

Our beautiful, talented elite mare Evita de la Vigne is sold! Together with Daphne van Peperstraten she performs very well at junior level.

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