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Interesting offspring

We’re especially proud of the offspring that we have bred and raised in our stable. On this page you’ll find some interesting horses from our stable.

Gigi de la Vigne

Gigi, born on April 27, 2011, is a robust, strong, young chestnut mare from the stallion Oscar. Her mother is the mare Viola Utopia (Negro x Vincent). She hails from two beautiful bloodlines, in which dressage aptitude is paramount.
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Habibi is a very noble mare with a magnificent head, a beautiful front and a spectacular front leg! She comes from a family of seven sisters, who all have great predicates to their names. Her full sister is the elite mare Chardonnay!
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Humphrey grew to become a chic dark brown gelding, born on March 20, 2012. His mother is the NMK elite mare Chardonnay (Jazz x Negro x Vincent), his father is the stallion Oscar (Wolfgang).
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I-Crack is a beautiful young horse, born in 2013. He is very pleasant to handle and has three beautiful floating gaits with a good and powerful use of the hind legs!
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Ivan is a tough chestnut stallion! He has beautiful gaits with a superb broad gallop. He has a gentle, cool and stanch character.
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John descends from a predicate rich tree and has many talented half sisters. He is finely built with a lot of size and expression. He has a white heart drawn on his beautiful little head.
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L'Expression de la Vigne

L’expression is a beautiful, well structured stallion, born on May 4th, 2016. His father is the formidable, talented stallion Expression and his mother the star mare Diola Utopia (Sandro hit x Negro x Vincent). “Lex” moves very supple and broad, with a lot of imprint and attitude. Invalid Displayed Gallery
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Evita de la Vigne

Our successful elite mare Evita de la Vigne is one of the beautiful breeding products to be proud of! Evita is an elegant brown elite mare, 1.70m, born in 2009. Evita has a very pleasant personality, both under saddle and stabled.
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Dante (Jazz x Negro x Vincent) is a very elegant, strongly moving chestnut mare with a lot of expression and gummy in her body!
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Wilbraldi is a young son of Gibraldi, from our own mare Lady. Wibraldi is moving through the ranks in dressage sports, and with his rider Roger Schullekens they achieve great results.
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Zsa-Zsa de la Vigne

Zsa-Zsa de la Vigne became star and provisionally selected in Exloo! In 2008 Zsa-Zsa was sold. Currently, Zsa-Zsa is raising a beautiful foal from Vivaldi.
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Zilou Rouge

With 81.5 points Zilou Rouge passed the mare test in Deurne with flying colours, earning her the star and provisional selection predicates. Zilou Rouge has recently been sold and received the elite predicate with her new owner!
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Ici de la Vigne

Ici de la Vigne is truly a beautiful young mare, born on May 21st 2013. Her father is world famous stallion Jazz and her mother is the chic elite mare Evita (Future x Negro x Vincent).
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Siepke's My Way (Puk)

We got Siepke’s My Way (nickname: Puk) as a companion to Ici de la Vigne from Henk Ebbers. Puk is a very frolic and funny pony, who also has thee beautiful gaits.
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Jacky de la Vigne

Jacky is a beautiful young mare, born on April 6th 2014. Her father is the talented stallion Expression (Vivaldi) and her mother is the elite and NMK-mare Chardonnay. She has pure dressage blood flowing through her veins.
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Siepke's Marlyn (Steffi)

Steffi has many successes to her name already. She became regional champion in Heerjansdam and at the national examination in Kootwijk she was the best mare foal. So this promises a lot for the future!
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Kato de la Vigne

Kato de la Vigne (Expression x Sandro Hit x Negro) is a chic brown mare foal, born on April 28th 2015. She is beautifully built, moves with a lot of suppleness and imprint, and has a delightful happy personality!
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