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Bon Bravour

Bon Bravour

I.P.S. Bon Bravour is a modern, long legged dressage stallion who carries a fair amount of Trakehner blood through both grandfathers. Under his regular rider Tom Franckx this dark brown stallion has an unbelievable track record already.

For example, Bon Bravour managed to win the KWPN stallion competition convincingly two times in a row, and with his remarkable performance he became vice champion at the PAVO Cup 2011. As a five-year-old, Bon Bravour managed to qualify for the world championship for young dressage horses in German Verden, where he finished at a beautiful fifth place in the grand final.

Bon Bravour’s pedigree was built by the finest dressage genes in Europe. His father Painted Black, under his Spanish amazon Morgan Barbancon, is part of the absolute pinnacle in Europe with remarkable performances during the Olympic Games in London.

His Grandfather Gribaldi was one of the world class horses as well, achieving countless victories under his rider Edward Gal. Mother Odette is a selected preferent daughter of the internation Grand Prix dressage stallion Chronos and she was vice champion at the Central Examination in North Brabant. She is one of the best mares of her year.

Family tree

Painted Black Gribaldi
Gondola II
elite, preferent, prestatie
keur, preferent
Chronos Mahagony
Hansa II
Linards x